Datacall ensures a strict methodology in the design and implementation of your customer service:

  • A specific number( normal Green, Azur or Indigo) is given to your customers with which they can use to call us whenever they need assistance on your products and services
  • The reception given to your customers is ensured without distinction in French or English depending on the customer’s language
  • All questions, comments or dissatisfaction (allowing in particular to assess the recurrence of topics) are recorded.
  • A response of ‘Level one’ according to your wishes and their specific training is provided
  • ‘Level two’ situations are transmitted to specialists
  • Sending of documentation is proposed by the assissants
  • Documentations are send in a well documented electronic format.
  • Enrichment of your database to facilitate the operations of your next customer
  • The Scoreboard on line DATACALL can centralize all the information that the assissants need to carry out their role
    • Easier tracking of items
    • Full descriptions
    • The caller list with the subject of the appeal and the solution
    • Related documents are easily accessible (photo, audio …).

The up-sale consists of increasing the value of the basket of existing customers. Various techniques have been developed by Datacall resulting in additional sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Whether during the transformation of a prospect into a customer or during the subsequent monitoring of the customer, or at the end of the relationship agreed with him, cuddle appeal, cross selling and resilience are implemented by Datacall to increase your sales and improve the value of your capital client.

For more information, we are at your disposal to consider techniques adapted to your industry.

Datacall ensures a strict methodology in designing and implementing your satisfaction survey:

  • We determine all the types of contacts
  • We construct the analysis of the scenarios
  • We define the volume of people surveyed (comprehensive or representative in terms of quotas).
  • We design the satisfaction questionnaire.
  • The team DATACALL contact contacts directly by e-mail or by telephone.
  • The campaign will lasts till the agreed time.
  • An exchange of e-mail may be accompanied by a call
  • Communication details can be systematically recorded and kept available
  • Regular reporting is organized according to the specificity of the satisfaction survey.
  • Depending on your wishes, the results can be communicated as such or in a structured analysis provided by a Consultant DATACALL.

Retaining a customer is cheaper than of gaining a new one. However, 89% of dissatisfied customers who leave their suppliers invoke on a misunderstanding about money for the reason their departure.

The recovery consists in ensuring the monitoring of the customer account while preserving a courteous and rewarding communication . Datacall has developed a “soft” methods to encourage your clients to pay their invoices

This particular method consists of defusing conflicts before they arise and to help you be better in order to ensure a loyal customers relationship.

To learn more about our methodology, Contact us.

You are organising an event to publicise a new offer, to invite your prospects , to thank your best customers: we will call your guests and we’ll make sure they have received the invitation. We will answer their questions, record their attendanceand send you the necessary documents.