Whether you are an accounting firm or accounting manager in a company, you are right to outsource the data entry for your accounting tasks.
We ensure you that the scanning and formatting of your documents will be in international standards.

You want to be reassured about confidentiality and respect reserved for your data, please contact us. We will ask an accounting firm, a client of Datacall, to testify directly to you.

Datacall has a data entry center in Madagascar where over 200 people are involved on tasks of prestigious clients.
We assure you the OCRisation your documents from the region of Paris.

The scanned data is transmitted to Madagascar where they are converted to predefined formats
At your convenience, we also process a value-added to your data.
A file( fully formated ) is then sent to you in record time.

To obtain a solution for an input rate among the cheapest in the world, contact Datacall!

This service covers all stages of the project from strategic thinking to the implementation through the choice of technology, logistical and legal implications.

From a methodological point of view, DATACALL analyses the implementation of your offshore project and suggests, based on the specifics of your business, several operational modalities:

  • Proprietary solution or hosted formula.
  • Creation of an independent or affialited legal entity.
  • Filing and protection of your brand.
  • Legal secretary.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Submission of financial statements.
  • Send expatriate staff or recruite locally.
  • Administrative procedure for obtaining work permit.
  • Technological choices of exchange voice and data between your seat and your offshore location