DATACALL provides personalised telephone reception service based on the needs of your business:

  • The telephone reception service is operated from 8am to 20H from Monday to Saturday
  • A schedule can be tailored according to yDatacall handles phone calls during Monday to Saturday or only when you want (at meals, opening and closing, unavailability of employees ..)
  • The Assistants communicate each call to the employee after noting the name and purpose of the call
  • In case of unavailability of the employee and during his predetermined absences (internal meetings, external appointment, leave …) calls are treated according to the recommendations:
    • Transfer the call to another employee
    • Takes a message (contact details, subject, time of call …) and transfer in real time by e-mail;
    • Transfer of messages on the mobile phone of the employee (in case of emergency)

The Datacall intranet is a web application which is accessible using a username and password

  • It will be accessible from the official website of your company
  • It includes a powerful and highly customisable database of contacts (customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, Press …)
  • It provides a database of products (and services) that can be accessed by different team members
  • It has a fully shared agenda
  • It provides access to a content management system allowing both the deployment of instant information to your staff and the posting of a newsletter with the name of your company
  • A highly secured email system is included in the web application
  • It provides a documents storage system (documents, proposals, photos …) where files can be shared between staff with access rights.
  • It also offers: a “TODO LIST” functionality, a tool for Sales Management

This collaborative tool provide many benifits:

  • Single common solution to all sites in your business , fully customizable in terms of content and access rights;
  • Rapid deployment on all your sites
  • A simple solution for managing user access rights
  • Highly functional solution for non-IT professionals requiring only 2 hours of traning
  • Highly secured solution ( No loss of Data )
  • Low cost for your enterprise
  • The tool is highly compatible with the offers of DATACALL ( Virtual phone reception, Agenda management , Response to Ads …)
  • Unifying tool for your business that can structure the methods and if desired enhance the performance.

Datacall offers to its customers complete telecom solutions including Interactive Voice Response, Green telephone number, dedicated collection calls. These solutions add professionalism to your processes for managing the relationship that you maintain with your customers.

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Customer relations is no longer limited to voice. With the development of new technologies, customers now enjoy written, accurate, concise and interactive messages.
Datacall native bilingual employees benefit from extensive experience in customer relations other than voice.

If you want to enrich your website with a chat solution, talk to us. We will refer you to the most economical and efficient solution from our facilities in Mauritius or Madagascar.

Giving voice to your clients and your visitors is a great way to retain and know them by giving them a forum accessible to all. They can express themselves and communicate their point of views.

However, a moderation process is required based on basic legal and morality fundamentals. Datacall has experience in the field of web moderation, gained by supporting internet users including Internet-related consumer reviews.

To share the best practices and to implement moderation services on your sites, contact us.