After-sales service

Datacall ensures a strict methodology in the design and implementation of your customer service:

  • A specific number( normal Green, Azur or Indigo) is given to your customers with which they can use to call us whenever they need assistance on your products and services
  • The reception given to your customers is ensured without distinction in French or English depending on the customer’s language
  • All questions, comments or dissatisfaction (allowing in particular to assess the recurrence of topics) are recorded.
  • A response of ‘Level one’ according to your wishes and their specific training is provided
  • ‘Level two’ situations are transmitted to specialists
  • Sending of documentation is proposed by the assissants
  • Documentations are send in a well documented electronic format.
  • Enrichment of your database to facilitate the operations of your next customer
  • The Scoreboard on line DATACALL can centralize all the information that the assissants need to carry out their role
    • Easier tracking of items
    • Full descriptions
    • The caller list with the subject of the appeal and the solution
    • Related documents are easily accessible (photo, audio …).