Trade efficiency is a matter of perseverance and organization. DATACALL offers to ensure regular market analysis, annualized, over the volume and type of contacts defined together. Deftly conceived, outsourced telemarketing in Mauritius to DATACALL can meet the following objectives:

  • Promote your company and its services
  • Identify customers who have a need in your field of expertise.
  • Make appointments for sales.
  • Distance selling.
  • Speed up the recovery of debts.
  • Send commercial documentation requested by prospective.
  • Meet the active recommendations
  • Correct errors in the database of prospects
  • Provide approach of economic intelligence for extending the scope of your prospect to different offers.

The sales team economise their tasks to concentrate on their main duties :

  • invest value added on qualified leads
  • analyze their needs
  • sizing solution for a tender to transform potential into a real case.

Datacall has its own tools for e-mailing. You want to do mass mailing at a better cost without getting black listed ? Datacall proposes to design the appropriate strategy, message and targets.

Thanks to our tools, you will be able to follow the success of your campaign. For more information, please contact us.

Detection of projects is the key to survival of any business.
This is a process that needs to be systematic, methodical and consistent to be effective.

Datacall has a rich experience in this field. The organization of its teams of collaborators associated with the use of its CRM software make Datacall an essential partner for effective project detection that your business needs.

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While a problem is already half solved. Although described as an application, the client is already half won! Datacall supports major companies in their industry by providing their reseller network with applications already qualified by the teams of Datacall.

More waste of time. No processing error. You will be able to concentrate your sales on their value-added real job: selling the answer to a real and immediate need for qualified.

You want to make your sales team more effective without having to invest in additional staff: we are here for this already. Let’s talk?

Datacall has developed a method that makes the happiness of its donors: the creation of interactive customer portfolio.
What is it all about? Datacall turns your prospective customer files into a portfolio managed by a dedicated account manager who ensures a personalised relationship with customers under its charge.
The result ensured loyalty!