Phone prospecting

Trade efficiency is a matter of perseverance and organization. DATACALL offers to ensure regular market analysis, annualized, over the volume and type of contacts defined together. Deftly conceived, outsourced telemarketing in Mauritius to DATACALL can meet the following objectives:

  • Promote your company and its services
  • Identify customers who have a need in your field of expertise.
  • Make appointments for sales.
  • Distance selling.
  • Speed up the recovery of debts.
  • Send commercial documentation requested by prospective.
  • Meet the active recommendations
  • Correct errors in the database of prospects
  • Provide approach of economic intelligence for extending the scope of your prospect to different offers.

The sales team economise their tasks to concentrate on their main duties :

  • invest value added on qualified leads
  • analyze their needs
  • sizing solution for a tender to transform potential into a real case.