DATACALL conducts polls and surveys in accordance with a strict methodology in order to preserve the quality of the response collected:

  • Our telephone interviewers are trained on the specificities of the required field .
  • Our sites are supervised by french staff
  • We administer the questionnaires from an excellent multilanguage survey software that we are equipped;
  • Monitoring surveys are done periodically
  • A briefing is held between our respective teams before every poll and survey campaign;
  • Recording of surveys and polls done by telephone is available.
  • We follow strict quality control by monitoring the calls.
  • We keep strictly confidential the identity of our partners.
  • We are based in Mauritius and Madagascar, enabling us to offer two advantages:
    • conducting telephone surveys in English and French natives as well as the establishment of a very economic cooperation with our partners.

The pole study, Poll and Survey of Datacall ensures the gathering and analysing of collected data.

We operate in major economic areas of life: Politics, Media, Transportation, Distribution …

Our telephone survey platform ,based in Mauritius, is one of the most important solutions in the field of offshore telephony, with over 100 employees, investigators versed in telephone surveys and the use of the business software Askia.

You want a business partner who can help you conduct your studies at the best cost in accordance with a French methodology. Datacall is probably the best partner for this.

Datacall offers its customers a wide range of professional and geographic files. Depending on your requirement, do not hesitate to contact us for a very economical solution in terms of databases.

DATACALL offers a file enrichment service designed to provide a systematic and regular solution from Monday to Friday. This service will get one or more DATACALL professionals involve on a daily schedules that best suit your goals.

The purpose of this assistance will benefit you by combining the companies from your portfolio to validate and obtain additional information :

  • The name of the buyer (or his replacement if necessary)
  • The existence of certain services within the client organization
  • The names of those responsible for a particular service

DATACALL provides services tailored to the needs and constraints of your contacts:

  • We can also deliver messages (special offer, upcoming project, event …).
  • The approach consists of the direct contact of the prospect by telephone at his workplace.
  • Depending on the qualification of your file, the availability of speakers and the level of detail required by the script, the duration of the service can vary.
  • We operate in full-time mode, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 13H and 14H to 17H.
  • If the file enrichment is not completed at the end of the reporting period, the service can be maintained.

An economic sector interests you? You want to monitor a competitor? Or simply, you want to know what is said of your company in the media? We can do that for you.

Datacall receives on a daily basis almost all of the French and Anglo-Saxon press in electronic format.

Depending on your centers of interests, we will scan, select, read, and crop and send you the articles that interest you in the form of a daily press review.

To be informed before everyone else : please contact us !